Why our in-home dog obedience training is successful!

At Value Dog Training, we tailor training sessions to your dog’s needs. To do that, we need to see them in their natural habitat – your home. At home, your dog is comfortable with his family and not stressed because he is surrounded by strange, barking, nervous dogs. How can you learn how to answer your door without doggie-drama anywhere but your own home? Your home presents unique challenges and situations that can’t be reproduced in a store environment.

That’s why we come to you. But, you may ask – a few hours? Really? Dogs are simple creatures. Not stupid, but simple. They communicate in simple terms; they have simple questions with simple answers. Once we teach you how to communicate with your dog in a way they understand, the rest is, well…simple!

Our dog obedience methods are easy. We use the basic training and along with you being in control of your dog. You learn how to communicate with your dog and, yes, you might need some extras. At Value Dog Training, we do use shock collars, prong collars, and chain chokes. We do not believe in hitting, but we do believe in a firm and assertive voice if needed.

Communication between dog and owner based upon mutual respect is our goal!
What happens after the in-home dog obedience is complete? After training, you are encouraged to contact us with questions, concerns or any issues anytime the need arises. You are never alone even after training. Call us the next day or 3 years later – we will answer your questions and address any concerns.

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