How Value Dog Training is Different

At Value Dog Training, we are not a “one-size-fits-all” methodology when it comes to dog training on how to train a dog. Value Dog Training has Resources, advice on dog behavior, dog training techniques that are simple, effective, to have a a happy relationship with your dog.

Our in-home dog obedience training is for all levels and ages, as with our training we can start the day you bring home your new puppy or dog. We teach positive and non positive dog training, as we teach how to correct the bad behavior.

Typically our training can be completed with just one 3-hour session. Yes! Just three hours and you are on your way to a calm, content dog. During the training sessions will focus on commands or behavior issues that are best suited for your dog and you. when ever you get a chance, thanks have a good day

How does that happen?

Let’s take a look at how the big box, eight sessions of one-hour-per-week dog training courses work:

First week: You attend class, your dog does not.
Second Week: Learn to sit, followed by socialization with other dogs.
Third week: Relearn how to sit, learn recall (“here”), and down command; and socialize with other dogs
Fourth week: Focus on the puppies/dogs who still haven’t learned how to sit, here, or down, and attempt to work with the one dog who has started nipping at it’s owners and at other dogs.

                                                                               Debi with Daisy & Hal Value Dog Training

                                                                                      Debi, Daisy, Hal Value Dog Training

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Communication between dog and owner, based upon mutual respect is our goal!